How do you Organize and Analyse Content from Multiple Sources?

Curate Web Content

There is an abundance of content available on the web, may it be for research regarding a specific topic, planning a trip, shopping for a new phone, cultivating a hobby, or searching for the next business idea. I often find myself struggling with organizing the content and analyzing it to get results especially since the data is scattered across multiple sources.

More than often I end up utilizing google docs, notes, and bookmarks to collect my thoughts and content at one place. The way my mind works is that I search for specific information and create a collection of articles at one place. Once I have the list I want to go through these one by one and make notes about my findings. This approach is cumbersome and most of my time is spent going back and forth between original source and notes.

I talked to people in my circle about this problem and was surprised that everyone goes through the same trouble. With this article I am looking for feedback and comments to see if you also see this as an issue and if so how do you tackle this? Based on my initial research I am working on a concept using as a product to figure out a solution that allows users to extract web content and organize by topics. Once users have these organized they can add highlights, notes and tag specific data in the content to compare. The product is in beta and being developed. I understand that basic features like these might not be sufficient for users and working on utilizing AI to provide summary of the article, recommendations, scheduling, and other features like extracting relevant data points based on topic.

I would really appreciate it if you can provide feedback on how you approach this problem and what features would you like to see in a product that would help solve the problem. Please Check out for Beta account at ( Note that this is in concept phase and being development)




Organize & Analyze Content that Sparks Your Interest

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Organize & Analyze Content that Sparks Your Interest

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